Heart Triplex

Heart Triplex

An absolutely painless imaging examination.

The color Heart TRIPLEX, otherwise known as color echocardiogram (heart triplex) is a painless scan in real time of the cardiac chambers and valves. It is based on the use of high frequency ultrasound waves for the morphological imaging of the cardiac structures (walls and valves).

It is an absolutely painless imaging examination. The 2D or 3D images and videos show the structure (valves-myocardium-pericardium), the size and the functionality of the various parts of the heart.

During the same examination, with the use of Doppler ultrasonography, the blood flow in the cardiac chambers and through the heart valves is studied, and in this way are depicted the pressures that are applied to the different heart chambers and the possible valvular diseases (stenosis or insufficiency).

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