For programmed examinations

At “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS”, you can undergo the examinations you wish, after having scheduled your appointment. There are cases where a certain preparation needs to be performed before your examination. More detailed information will be given to you by the secretariat of the center.

Examination results

The results of the examinations and tests will be received at the reception, within a short time period, along with the medical report on the condition of your health and with specific instructions, if the latter are required.

Preparation for the examinations

In order to find out if you need to perform some special preparations for your examination, select the appropriate department and examination and read the recorded instructions. Moreover, follow the instructions that have been given to you when you arranged your appointment.

Payment obligations

You will be informed about the cost of your examinations when you schedule your appointment. The full payment shall take place before the examination is performed, and you can pay in cash or with credit or debit card.

Insurance Coverage

“ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” has a contract with the National Organization for the Provision of Healthcare (EOPYY) as well as with most of the Greek and foreign private insurance companies.

Infection Prevention & Control

Following international standards Asklipios Diagnosis implements an Infection Prevention and Control Program, for the control of infections.
In order to minimize the risk of infection during your visit, we recommend:
  • Hand washing is the most effective way of prevention of the transmission of germs and infections, inside and outside the Hospital. It is particularly important to wash your hands before and after the use of toilets. Depending on the examination you will undergo, you may be asked to wash your hands with antibacterial soap so that the risk of infection is reduced.
  • When you cough cover your nose and mouth! If you cough or sneeze, you should cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief which you should dispose of in a dustbin, or using the sleeve of your cloth (the upper part); don’t use your bare hands.
  • Do not touch with your hands your eyes, nose and mouth when you are at the premises of the Hospital.
  • Follow the instructions of the doctors and the advice of the nursing staff.