The Medical – Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” plays a leading part in the private sector of health services in Crete since 2008.
With its complete and comprehensive staffing by a reliable team of specialized doctors and with the aid of cutting-edge technologies both in the domain of medical imaging, as in the laboratory sector and giving emphasis to continuous upgrading, training and updating, the center has as unique goal people themselves, with absolute respect to their needs. For almost 10 years, it remains consistent to its commitment to provide high quality and innovative health services, investing, above all, in their human dimension.
It is located on the ground floor of a modern and functional building, at the “HANDAX” hall, at the corner of 10, Mahis Kritis street, and Efodou street, with an easy and comfortable access, as well as a comfortable underground parking.

The center was proved to be a “catalyst” in the developments in the Healthcare sector – both at a regional and a wider level.
It is equipped with an innovative, unique in Greece, medical equipment, such as the ultramodern SOMATOM DEFINITION FLASH CT-scanner, made by Siemens. A system of 256 sections of cutting edge technology, with the uniquely high scanning speed of 0.28 seconds and of a large Gantry 78 cm diameter that transforms even the most difficult examinations to routine ones. Allowing not only for the shorter duration of the examination, but also a reduction of radiation of more than 50% compared to the other CT-scanning systems. Coronary angiographic examinations are performed in less than 1 second, while the scan of the entire human body does not last more than 5 seconds!

Being in tune with the needs of the population, we have created the first Oncology, Diabetology and Cardiology department in the private sector. The innovative departments of “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS”, of Oncology, as well as Diabetology and Cardiology contribute reliably, being targeted at the containment of these chronic diseases, effectively combining clinical practice with proper and early diagnosis, which are necessary for the most effective treatment.

“ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” has been selected by international firms, as a research center for programs that are related to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (in particular bones, heart and blood vessels MRI), mammography and neoplastic processes. At the same time, it continuously implements Programs of Continuing Medical Education, as well as workshops and scientific conferences, while proceeding into new partnerships and cooperations with strategic partners such as the Foundation for Research and Technology (ITE), the Technological Educational Institute (ΑΤΕΙ) of Crete and the Technical University of Crete. The Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” holds since 2011 a certification, according to the International ISO 9001:2008 Standard, for the Quality Management System it implements, issued by the internationally accredited and recognized TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS Certification Body.

In the context of the immediate and high quality provision of services, the center provides a health card after the first visit of the patient, that offers discounts and free examinations.
Finally, for the Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS”, the Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the heart of its everyday life. The object of health activities includes the value of offer to the community, and therefore, the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility program, is a part of the corporate culture of the Center. The program includes sponsorships with social impact, discounts and free examinations for the weakest of our fellow citizens, investments to sports and culture,  covering thus a wide range of existing social needs.