Employment Check Ups

Employment Check Ups

Periodic health control programs with fast, reliable, low-cost results for everyone.

The health-diagnostic services the diagnostic center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” provides are certified and accredited with the International Quality Standard ΕΝ ISO 15189:2012 and are offered at reasonable and sustainable prices.

The companies that are interested to conduct employment check ups, aiming at the detection, early and promptly, of possible health damages, that may be due to the working conditions of their facilities and premises, can cooperate with our center. The competent department of employment check ups can help in the planning and implementation of the special profile of tests and examinations that will meet the special needs and requirements of your enterprise.

Furthermore, our center has an organized service of employment check ups with the appropriate equipment and this means that it can perform all the blood collections that will be required, locally, at the facilities or premises of your company, with absolute safety and reliability and with the supervision, at the same time, of a special group of doctors that will ensure the safety of the examined people.

The Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS”, being fully aware that the employees have also other diagnostic needs apart from the employment check up, offers both to them and to their families, the opportunity to use the services of our center with a special discount policy, as a “thank you” for their trust and confidence to our services. Already a large number of enterprises in our region trust the Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” for their employment check ups and enjoy health services of a high quality level for their employees and proper pricing for the company.