Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Provision of a reliable Second Medical Opinion (Second Opinion)

“ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS”, being aware of the special needs of the people that trust our center, has created a service that has as purpose to offer the possibility of the provision of a reliable Second Medical Opinion (Second Opinion).

The Second Medical Opinion gives the opportunity to the Member to get a scientifically sound Second Medical Opinion regarding the diagnosis of a complex, severe, or serious disease, directly from a specialist doctor, who works at a world class healthcare institution. This valuable service offers to the Member peace of mind as they know, that their diagnosis has been confirmed and/or that the treatment that was proposed is the most appropriate choice in their country as well as internationally.

The second opinion includes

  • Confirmation of the diagnosis
  • Evaluation of cases where a diagnosis is not yet possible
  • Consultations on the best method of treatment
  • Support of a case, that occurred in the past